Taking a Stand Against Cheating in Genshin Impact

Remember the days of Age of Empires II when typing in cheat codes felt like summoning magical powers? Fast forward to today, and cheating in video games like Genshin Impact has become a nuisance rather than a thrill. HoYoverse, the creative force behind Genshin Impact, is fed up with cheaters and is fighting back in court.

Genshin Impact has become a playground for cheaters who exploit unauthorized tools to gain unfair advantages. To combat this, HoYoverse has filed a lawsuit against cheat creators like Joaquin Soarin and others in a Canadian court. These cheats, including Akebi GC, Acrepi, and Genshin XYZ, disrupt game balance and tarnish the reputation of Genshin Impact.

The lawsuit accuses Soarin and associates of copyright infringement for developing and distributing these cheating tools. These tools enable users to progress rapidly and bypass purchase prompts, undermining fair play. HoYoverse aims to recover damages exceeding $50,000 to compensate for financial losses and reputational damage caused by cheating.

In addition to legal action, HoYoverse is committed to maintaining fair play in Genshin Impact. The company invests resources in detecting and banning cheaters and developing patches to address vulnerabilities exploited by cheats.

Introducing Chiori: The Newest Addition to Genshin Impact

Amidst the battle against cheating, Genshin Impact fans have something to look forward to in mid-March 2024: the arrival of a new playable character named Chiori with the 4.5 update. Chiori, a 5-star Geo character, promises to inject fresh excitement into the game with her unique abilities and combat style.

Chiori was initially introduced as an NPC in Version 4.3 and has captured players’ attention with her potential. Clad in an elegant Inazuman outfit, Chiori wields twin blades and specializes in Geo damage. Her exclusive weapon, Urakugo Sensai, amplifies her off-field damage, making her a valuable asset in Mono-Geo teams.

One of Chiori’s standout abilities is her elemental skill, “Fluttering Hasode,” which summons miniature dolls to assail enemies. These dolls scale their damage based on Chiori’s attack and defense stats, adding depth to her combat repertoire.

As players eagerly await the arrival of Chiori, anticipation builds for the new gameplay experiences and strategies she will unlock in Genshin Impact.

In Conclusion

While the battle against cheating continues, the introduction of Chiori heralds a new chapter in Genshin Impact’s evolving world. With HoYoverse’s determination to uphold fair play and the addition of compelling characters like Chiori, the adventure in Genshin Impact promises to remain thrilling and fair for all players.


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